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Water Utility Companies
and the Digital Transition


Much of the existing water infrastructure is nearing the end of its life. Combined with the ever-increasing operational costs for real-time water monitoring, utilities companies are quickly realizing the value of going digital. Still, they are faced with a number of challenges: proprietary devices cause difficulty for improvements or upgrades, increased attacks on public services require constant monitoring and maintenance, and managing the complexity of Narrowband-IoT are enough to hinder companies who clearly see the benefits of going digital.


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Discover the different panelists of the webinar

Andrew Forster-Knight

Mark Atkinson

David Howard

Olivier Carmona

Andrew Forster-Knight Bio Portrait

Andrew Forster-Knight

General Manager Digital Utility, South East Water

Andrew has over 18 years of experience with communications technologies, M2M, IoT and cloud computing. With a background in Chemical/Process Engineering, he helps lead the strategic adoption of emerging IoT technologies and systems at South East Water.


Mark Atkinson

Domain Lead for Industrial IoT, Telstra

Mark has significant experience in telecommunications, utilities, and IoT. Mark has a strong track record of introducing technical innovations in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), focusing on enabling long-life battery powered devices via LPWAN to unlock business outcomes.

David Howard Bio Portrait

David Howard

Senior Principal Solution Architect, ITRON

With decades of IoT, embedded engineering, and M2M experience, David relates real-world experiences about how increasingly standardized technologies support global IoT strategies.

Olivier Carmona Bio Portrait

Olivier Carmona

Head of Sales & Marketing, IoTerop

With over 20 years of experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) and consumer electronics industries, Olivier leads the global sales and marketing at IoTerop. His focus is on scaling IoTerop's device management technologies to reach multiple IoT industries.

Webinar agenda

The Summary


Real-life solutions for common challenges that water utility companies face


Important water metering technologies available today


Planning for device management, upgrades, and security


Choosing the right device manufacturer to ensure success