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Sustainable Investment in Smart Cities: An IoT Roadmap


Building a Smart City is about much more than making streetlights, buildings, and parking connected. It requires strategic planning to ensure that investments will pay off and that technologies will work together harmoniously in 5, 10, and 15 years from now. Operational expenditures related to maintenance also need to be budgeted for. Properly planning for these factors can ensure not only a seamless IoT experience for residents and city employees alike, but can prevent against obsolete technologies, cyber-attacks, and millions of wasted euros.


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Discover the different panelists of the webinar

Miguel Lira

Valérie Grau

Matt Hatton

Olivier Carmona

Miguel Lira Bio Portrait 2

Miguel Lira

Director Innovation & Development, Urban Control

Miguel brings more than 25 years of experience in the electronics, automation and control industry, with the last 15 years dedicated to outdoor lighting control, sensors and other smart city devices. Miguel currently leads the design and delivery of end-to-end IoT solutions that create modern urban environments.

Valerie Grau Bio Portrait

Valérie Grau

Market lead - 5G & NB IoT, SFR Business

With over 25 years in the telecommunications industry, Valerie has worked with multinational customers across multiple countries. Her current role focuses on leading the brand strategy for IoT 2G/3G/4G/5G and NB-IoT, and on helping companies understand the benefits that NB-IoT has to offer. 

Matt Hatton Bio Portrait

Matt Hatton

Founding Partner, Transforma Insights

Matt is a technology industry expert with over 20 years of cutting-edge technology research and consulting experience. He is a thought-leader in Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things, and a member of the Advisory Board for Mobile World Congress.


Olivier Carmona

Head of Sales & Marketing, IoTerop

With over 20 years of experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) and consumer electronics industries, Olivier leads the global sales and marketing at IoTerop. His focus is on scaling IoTerop's device management technologies to reach multiple IoT industries.

Webinar agenda

The Summary


An overview of the Smart City landscape, and strategies they'll need for success in the future


Smart City technologies you should know about, and the importance of interoperability


A roadmap for success: planning for updates, changes, and cyber-attacks


Developments in the NB-IoT network, a pillar technology for Smart Cities