Smart Metering: Challenges & Opportunities

Smart Metering Challengesv2


April 28th 5 pm Central European Time


Get four unique industry perspectives on all things smart metering and digital transformation for water and energy. What are the forces driving market adoption? How do smart meters create new efficiencies? On-the-ground deployment challenges? Do's and don'ts when implementing smart metering product strategy.

  • Telefonica's real-world cellular deployment experiences from the operator's perspective.
  • IoTerop on creating strategic value with standardized device management.
  • Bluefield Research on digital water transformation challenges and opportunities.
  • Elvaco on NB-IoT development challenges, product strategy, and lessons learned.





Nicolas Espejo, IoT Solution Architect

Nicolas is an IoT device expert. He has worked on IoT projects across multiple verticals but especially smart metering from device-to-cloud. Nicolas is part of Telefonica's The Thinx Open IoT Lab, working with Telefonica's clients, partners, and institutions to create and test strategies for IoT mass deployments on cellular networks.

Steve Lurieioterop_logo_horizontal-1

Stephen Lurie, Marketing Manager

Steve's background in technology and transversal organizational role at IoTerop, including work with different IoT actors, business partners, and customers, provides a unique perspective on using standardized device management to transform business processes and create digital 4.0 opportunities.



Keith Hays, Co-founder & Vice President

Keith Hays is a seasoned market insight professional with 22 years’ experience in the water, telecoms, and energy sectors. Co-founder and Vice President of Bluefield Research, Keith leads the firm’s global consulting practice counseling on business strategy. He holds a BA from Columbia University and an MBA from IESE Business School of Spain.



David Svensson, Product Manager Sensors, Meters, & Accessories 

David works to create great products exceeding customer and partner expectations, ensuring Elvaco's offerings are competitive in the market.

Elvaco provides open end-to-end solutions for utility metering, specializing in energy connectivity and infrastructure, from meters and sensors to cloud-based systems and services.