Cellular IoT for Smart City: An Evolving Landscape

Smart City v2


Originally January 19th 5 pm CET


Get the recording of Transforma Insight's Matt Hatton, 1NCE's Arne Assmann, Itron's David Howard, and IoTerop's Stephen Lurie on the adoption numbers and real-world needs, challenges, and trends in Smart City IoT.

  • Smart City deployments. Who? What? Where? When? And why?
  • The status of cellular connectivity and future expectations.
  • The role of device management and LwM2M in IoT.
  • Itron's perspective on Smart City IoT deployment strategy and challenges.


  Matt Hatton TI logo trans

Matt Hatton, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights

Matt is a respected technology expert with 20+ years of experience on the cutting edge of disruptive technologies. Widely considered a Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things thought-leader, Matt co-founded Transforma Insights after his role as CEO at Machina Research and analyst at Gartner.

Matt is also co-author of 'The Internet of Things Myth.'


 Arne Assman1NCE_Logo-RGB-TM_1_Transparent

Arne Aßmann, Head of Strategy and Business Development, 1NCE

Arne Aßmann's focus and specialization are on M2M and IoT. Arne previously worked as an analyst and consultant for Statista research, serving enterprise clients in the telco, media, and IT sectors, producing market forecasts, business cases, and go-to-market strategies.


 Steve LurieIoTerop2.0

Stephen Lurie, Marketing Manager, IoTerop

Steve's background in technology and transversal organizational role at IoTerop, including work with different IoT industry actors, business partners, and customers, provides a unique perspective on how standardized device management supports IoT business, technical, and strategic objectives.


 David Howardblob

David Howard, Senior Principal Solution Architect, ITRON

Part of Itron's Idea Labs and battle-tested with decades of IoT and embedded engineering/M2M experience, David relates real-world experiences about how Itron uses standardized technologies to support global IoT strategy.