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Nebraska: Enabling NB-IoT


Get up-to-speed on optimizing IoT solutions with AWS IoT Core over LPWAs. Amazon Web Services and IoTerop discuss the challenges and approaches to overcoming device-side energy constraints, network latency issues, and synchronizing IoT solutions with AWS IoT Core.


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Discover the different panelists of the webinar

Syed Rehan

Olivier Guiter

Olivier Carmona

Syed Bio Rehan Photo

Syed Rehan

Sr. Global IoT Specialist Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services

With over 20 years' experience in cloud-based enterprise solutions, Syed Rehan covers a worldwide span of customers and supports them as a global lead IoT Solution Architect. Syed has in-depth knowledge of IoT and AWS cloud services and enables customers and partners of all sizes to build IoT solutions within the AWS ecosystem.


Olivier Guiter

IoT Solution Engineer, IoTerop

Olivier is a dedicated and talented engineer with over 20 years of engineering experience at Intel and Palm Computing. Olivier currently manages IoTerop's customer support group and works closely with onboarding customers to ensure their success.

Olivier Carmona Bio Portrait

Olivier Carmona

Head of Sales & Marketing, IoTerop

With over 20 years of experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) and consumer electronics industries, Olivier leads the global sales and marketing at IoTerop. His focus is on scaling IoTerop's device management technologies to reach multiple IoT industries.

Webinar agenda

We Discuss


Introduction to NEBRASKA and the challenges of connecting NB-IoT networks to AWS IoT Core


How NEBRASKA and CoAP enhance AWS' IoT Core


Customer experience and applications


Onboarding tutorial and working with NEBRASKA