Get recording of NB-IoT: Ready for Mass-Market


How is the maturation of the NB-IoT ecosystem linked to adoption? What strategic considerations must be accounted for on NB-IoT deployments? What are the revenue models and business applications driving adoption? 

While steadily increasing, deployments are just beginning due to technical issues and business questions. 

Listen to our panel of experts as they talk about the current state of NB-IoT and what we can expect:

  • Deployment numbers and forecasts.
  • How the maturation of NB-IoT networks and ecosystem support mass adoption?
  • How standardized device management creates strategic value?
  • And, finally, how, when brought together, they support IoT strategy?

IoTerop, ABI Research, Deutsche Telekom, and Itron will share research and hard-earned industry knowledge about IoT opportunities and pitfalls to avoid.




Jamie Moss, Research Director IoT, ABI Research

Jamie conducts competitive analysis, data modeling, and develops front-end analytical tools for products and services in the machine-type connectivity market. He will address the maturity of NB-IoT modules & the silicon market. Who are the major actors in volume? In revenue? What are the module pricing trends?


Jens Olejak

Jens Olejak, Head of New Access Technologies at Deutsche Telekom

Jens manages IoT products and services at Deutsche Telekom, a leader in NB-IoT deployments. He will talk about why DT is investing massively to build an NB-IoT ecosystem, NB-IoT deployment roadmap, and use-cases.



Hatem Oueslati, CEO, IoTerop

Formerly with Intel, co-founder of IoTerop, an IoT device management company and Open Mobile Alliance SpecWorks boardmember, Hatem will talk about how LWm2M overcomes NB-IoT challenges, securing NB-IoT with DTLS and OSCORE, and device management's role in controlling costs.

 David H

David Howard, Senior Principal Solution Architect, ITRON

With decades of IoT, embedded engineering, and M2M experience, David relates real-world experiences about how increasingly standardized technologies support global IoT strategies.