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IOWA's well-documented device management services abstract you from IoT's complexities, helping you build better, more cost-effective solutions for the most constrained networks and devices.


+ Efficient: with the smallest client footprint in the industry (as small as 30KB Flash and 5KB RAM), IOWA supports IoT solutions on the most constrained devices and networks.

+ Industry-Proven: certified by Ericsson, AT&T, and Verizon, used by Itron (Gartner Managed IoT Connectivity 2019 Visionary),  and supported by semiconductor manufacturers, like STMicroelectronics among others. 

+ Security: enable end-to-end authentication & encryption at the device, application, & data-transport level.

+ Time-To-Market: leverage complete APIs, a tested, mature SDK, sample code, & full documentation to build rich, cost-effective IoT solutions quickly.

+ State-of-the-Art: use the Lightweight M2M standard already supporting tens of millions of devices, pragmatically combining industry-accepted standards & practices.

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