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Unlock Your Organization's IoT Device Management Capabilities with LwM2M: Developer's Forum


The benefits of using the Lightweight Machine to Machine (LwM2M) protocol to connect and manage IoT devices are noteworthy: reduced power and data consumption, firmware over the air (FOTA) updates and using latest security are just a few of the highlights. The freedom of not having to rely on a proprietary technology or build and maintain your own network is why many organizations looking for a sustainable IoT solution have chosen LwM2M. With its power to offer interoperability and infinite scalability in IoT device ecosystems, it is easy to see why OMA SpecWorks estimates that there will be over 235 million installed LwM2M devices by the end of this year.


But what exactly is LwM2M, and how does it stack up against the other technologies, such as MQTT? How difficult is it to implement, and what are the implications for an engineering or dev team? Join us for this free webinar recording and discover the potential that LwM2M has to offer. 


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Discover the different panelists of the webinar

Harald Naumann

Friedhelm Rodermund

David Navarro

Harald Naumann Bio Portrait

Harald Naumann

Global Head of Business Development, Crout

As a lifelong M2M enthusiast, Harald applies his passion for implementing wireless applications to his role at Crout. In his free time, he brings awareness to the industry through the authorship of industry books and white papers, such as the IOT/M2M COOKBOOK: How to develop a device based on Wireless Wide Area Network modules. 

Friedhelm Rodermund Bio Portrait

Friedhelm Rodermund

Managing Director, IOTECC

Friedhelm ("Fred") brings over 25 years of experience in the mobile telecommunications industry with a focus on IoT standards and patents. Friedhelm was one of the initiators and technical editors of the LwM2M standard. Today, his company provides tutorials and consulting services around LwM2M.

David Navarro Bio Portrait

David Navarro

CTO & Co-Founder, IoTerop

With a background as an embedded software engineer at Intel and Access Systems, David co-founded IoTerop with the aspiration of making LwM2M more accessible for companies looking to implement robust device management and IoT systems. Today, he guides a team of talented software engineers as they continue to build innovative solutions to address the IoT market's evolving needs.

Webinar agenda

The Summary


What is the history of LwM2M, and why is it becoming so popular these days?


How does LwM2M stack up against MQTT? Which one is better?


Implementing LwM2M on the Client and Server side


I’d like to use LwM2M. What are the key factors to consider?


LwM2M success stories