AWS IoT Core Nebraska Webinar

AWS Nebraska webinar_22nd


June 22nd, 5 pm Auckland/3 pm Melbourne


Get up-to-speed on optimizing IoT solutions with AWS IoT Core over NB-IoT. Amazon Web Services, IoTerop, and IoT Dev Zone will discuss the challenges and approaches to overcoming device-side energy constraints, network latency issues, and synchronizing IoT solutions with AWS IoT Core.

  • Introduction to NEBRASKA and the challenges of connecting NB-IoT networks to AWS IoT Core.
  • Panel: How NEBRASKA and CoAP enhance AWS IoT Core?
  • Customer experience and applications.
  • Onboarding tutorial and working with NEBRASKA.




RajeevAWS logo

Rajeev Muralidhar |  Head of IoT Solutions Architecture, APAC

Rajeev has 22 years of technology innovation and product delivery experience in software-defined networks (protocols, standards, architectures), wired and wireless networking, low power/energy-efficient systems, and IoT/M2M. Rajeev previously was an Intel engineer and has 30 patents attributed to him.

Olivier G.ioterop_logo

Olivier Guiter | IoT Solution Engineer

Olivier is a dedicated and talented engineer with over 20 plus years of engineering experience at Intel and Palm Computing. Olivier currently manages IoTerop's customer support group and works closely with onboarding customers to ensure their success.


Andrew Leckietéléchargement

Andrew Leckie | Lead Consultant

A technology strategist, consultant, and practicing developer & engineer focusing on outcomes, Andrew works with IoT device OEM's and IoT network providers, and standards organizations worldwide. Andrew is passionate about evangelizing the value of technology and the balance of real-world experience with business challenges.