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Accelerating Cellular IoT Product Strategy with IoTerop and STM32 MCUs

7am CET

Cellular IoT solutions using LTE-M and NB-IoT presents both unique opportunities and challenges. Thanks to 5G and LwM2M, organizations of any size can now create solutions for global markets, but where should you start?


STMicroelectronics and partner IoTerop have put in place standardized solutions from device to the cloud to increase solution focus, shortening time-to-market and development overhead, making it easier than ever to build secure, scalable, standardized cellular LPWA solutions.


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Discover the different panelists of the webinar

Hatem Oueslati

Hakim Jaafar

Solofoniaina Razafindrahaba

Stephen Lurie


Hatem Oueslati

CEO, IoTerop

Hatem is IoTerop is CEO and co-founder of IoTerop. A former Intel executive, Hatem works to help organizations understand how standardized device management, and the supporting technologies, enable economically and operationally scalable IoT solutions.


Hakim Jaafar

Head of Marketing Wireless MCUs

Hakim has more than 20-years of experience in the semiconductor industry, beginning his career with Motorola Semiconductor. He joined ST in 2000, as a test engineer and then moved into applications engineering for automotive MCUs. In 2010, he joined the STM8/32 MCU Marketing team as Product Line Manager for 8-bit ultra-low-power MCUs before becoming Marketing Manager for ultra-low-power 32-bit STM32 MCUs. In 2015, Jaafar was promoted to lead the development of the new STM32 Wireless product line, which has now launched STM32WB (2.4GHz) and STM32WL (sub-GHz) MCU Series. With ST’s acquisitions of Cat-M/NB-IoT and UWB technologies, Jaafar is now Marketing Director of the STM32 Wireless Business Line.


Solofoniaina Razafindrahaba

Vertical Marketing Cellular Group Leader

Solofoniaina Razafindrahaba has an extensive background in connectivity. His mission is to specify and design solutions based on STM32 and cellular connectivity. He is currently focused on ultra-low-power IoT with enhanced, secure cloud connectivity. He has a master's of Science in electronics, real-time systems, and signal processing.


Stephen Lurie

Marketing Manager

Steve's background in technology and transversal organizational role at IoTerop, including work with different IoT actors, business partners, and customers, provides a unique perspective on using standardized device management to transform business processes and create digital 4.0 opportunities.

Webinar agenda

We Discuss


How LwM2M supports cellular LPWA product strategy and product development?


Device management, efficiency, and operational expenses.


Getting started with IOWA and cellular IoT development.


How LwM2M's end-to-end security framework saves time, energy, and money.